Storage spaces for most of your Luggage from few hours to a full day:

Canadian Luggage Handler  ™ has a safe and affordable solution that is conveniently located in downtown Montreal.  At Canadian Luggage Handler™, we specialize in providing secure baggage storage solutions for your long and short-term storage needs.


  • We hope you will enjoy a great luggage-free day of sightseeing in Montreal
  • Don’t wait around for check-in time. Let us store your luggage,  enjoy your day!
  • Late pick-up and/or drop-off can also be arranged.
  • Free Your Arms! Mobile Luggage Storage – How Does It
  • Short-term luggage storage while sightseeing Montreal city


No reservation needed for daily luggage storage.


At Canadian Luggage Handler,

Luggage Storage,

Internet & Printing in Montreal:


Have you arrived in the city but are too early to check into your hotel? Do you have a job interview and want to show up looking fresh, prepared and professional? Did your plan to purchase one item and it turn into an all-out shopping spree? Are you planning to go to an event but have too much baggage to bring? Is your suitcase impeding your plans to leave work early this Friday?


All of the problems arise from one simple thing: In Montreal City, when we often have too much baggage!
Canadian Luggage Handler  ™ can help eliminate any problems that might arise from simply having too much stuff with you!

                              By keeping your items stored safely in our store,

you have “the freedom to go” experience the city the way you want: Without Bags! 


Canadian Luggage Handler  ™ offers convenient daily storage (luggage storage, suitcase storage, personal item storage), internet access, printing options & other travel-related services to Montreal city!

Canadian Luggage Handler  ™  is a Canadian luggage storage company conveniently located near train Station, old Port ,  and other Montreal City landmarks!

 For questions, email us: [email protected]

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