Luggage Delivery


Starts at $39



If you’re unable to come in and pick up your luggage at the end of the day, you can arrange for it to be delivered to you. We provide a luggage delivery service that starts at just $39.

Not only will it save you time, but you can focus on enjoying your trip instead of heading back to one of our locations to pick it up. We are all about making your stay in Montreal City more convenient for you!


 This procedure applies to both domestic and international flights departing from Montreal International Airport:


If you would like your luggage to be delivered to you at the airport prior to your departure, we ask that you to specify the flight number and preferred delivery time when you make a reservation. Our reservation form prompts you to enter your flight number and the specific time for delivery. We advise setting the delivery time at least 1 hour before a domestic flight or 2 hours before an international flight.
When you get to the airport, you will see a sign above each terminal entrance. These signs list the names of the airlines closest to each specific entrance. We ask that you wait outside the terminal in front of the entrance associated with your airline. Our delivery vehicle will pull up in front of you at the specified time of delivery. Please note that we are not allowed to idle in front of the terminal if you are not present. As such, we need you to be waiting for us at the curbside at the specified time of delivery. If you anticipate delays in getting to the airport, please call us to change the time of delivery: 1-514-286-0900. Please note that if you would like to change the delivery time by more than 15 minutes, there may be additional charges associated with the change depending on our delivery schedule at the time.



Deliveries at a hotel:


If you would like us to deliver your luggage to a hotel, we can leave it with the concierge prior to your arrival at the hotel. Most hotels take your luggage to your room before you check it if we deliver it before you arrive. This is a great service you would like to take advantage of. When you make an online reservation, please add a note if you prefer us to leave your luggage with the hotel employees. Otherwise, we will ask for you when we get to the hotel for delivery. If you do not specifically ask for pre-check-in delivery, we will leave you luggage with the concierge only if you are not available at the hotel at the designated time of delivery.


Hotels, residences, offices, and all other locations:

Our pick-ups and deliveries are conducted at the curbside. As such, we ask that you meet our vehicle outside the designated pick-up/delivery location at the time you specified on your reservation. For example, if you reserved a pick up from Hilton at 1:00pm, please wait outside the main entrance or inside the lobby where you can see our vehicle pulling up in front of the hotel at 1:00pm. It is especially important for you to meet us outside the building if you are an Airbnb guest because we have no way of entering the residential buildings.