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We provide a range of service from our Canadian Luggage Handler  ™ locations

to travelling experience.Send your baggage worldwide, have it securely wrapped or

even advice for purchase new luggage.

Bag Wrapping

Protect Your Luggage & Deter Pilfering……….COMING SOON

Tourist Office &


Book Hotels & Buy Tourists

Tickets In-Store

Luggage Shop

Buy Leading Brands In-Store…COMING SOON

Baggage Shipping

Ship Belongings

Worldwide In-Store

Courier Delivery

In-Store Document & Parcel Delivery & pickup  in downtown area or from airport to downtown

Bag Weighing

Check Your Bag’s Weight

Before Your Travel……


Key Exchange

If you are the AirBnB host, the process of setting up a key exchange with your guest couldn’t be simpler.

Meeting Point

Meeting point for

AirBnB Host and Guest