Storage in Montreal

Traveling luggage free to your next Airbnb is made possible


Storage spaces for your Luggage / baggage from few hours to a full day in downtown Montreal. Travelers often arrive in the morning but cannot check into their AirBnB until 3PM. At Short-Term luggage storage in Montreal, we will hold your luggage for the day until you are able to check-in, allowing you to explore enjoy the city without the hassle of carrying your bags.


Exploring Montreal Like Local !


Short-term luggage Storage while sightseeing Montreal city!



There are really only two kinds of travelers, those who pack reasonably, and those who bring their entire lives with them.

Now there is nothing wrong with either of those options, but no matter which you happen to be, there’s always ways to travel how you like, without having it impair your trip.

Storage Spaces for most of your luggage from a few hours to a full day.. 

No reservation needed for daily luggage storage.



More info:

[email protected]

Canadian Luggage Handler,

3418- Avenue Du Parc Montreal, Qc. H2X 2H5