Storage in Toronto



If you are visiting Toronto you most likely have taken the wise path of moving as much as possible. Toronto city move at a fast pace, and even if you are a tourist you too will find yourself doing this by default as well, we are all just drops in a sea of people, you got to go with the flow, but for downtown, it is less of a calm flow, and more like a Don river.

Our unique hosts throughout the city will securely store your bags and luggage while you enjoy your day to the fullest! Us urbanists and travelers want to do as many things and be in as many places as possible in a day. Running from work to dinnercity to airportshopping to home/hotelgym to bar

Our plans, designed to fulfill our lives, turn into a burden with all the stuff that needs to be carried. The evil bags and luggage disrupt our plans, restrict where we go, what we do and eventually how we live.


But for yours and everyone else’s sake, please leave your luggage behind,

leave it with Canadian Luggage Handler  ™